Monday, October 10, 2011

#112: LEGO Minifigures - Lizard Man

Since Series 5 doesn't have a monster like the last few have, the Lizard Man is the next best thing. Or maybe the clown is meant to be the monster, like Pennywise from It? Either way, I passed on the clown, so Lizard Man is my monster figure for this wave. Of course, he's actually a guy in a costume, like the gorilla suit guy from a previous wave, so maybe that will be an ongoing theme. I suppose you could pretend all of the LEGO minifigures are people in costumes and make costume party dioramas. If I had some more general purpose building blocks, I would totally do that. Anyway, Lizard Man was one of my must haves from this series. He's pretty easy to identify in packaging due to his pointy tail piece which works like a cape. I'm not sure what the expression on the face beneath the mask is, but it has a sort of good natured embarrassment feel to it. Hm, if you had a blank red or pink head to go beneath the mask, it might like an actual lizard monster rather than a guy in a suit.


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