Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#48: Man of Steel - Movie Masters Faora

Since posting about the Man of Steel Superman figure, I've had a chance to watch the movie itself. It had its good points, but there were some questionable choices in the way it was handled. Fortunately for the presence of the DC universe on the big screen, it did well enough that there will be a sequel expanding on the universe. Marvel is way ahead of them with a cohesive cinematic universe, but I am looking forward to seeing what happens. In any case, one of the parts of the movie I liked was Faora. Remember in Superman II, when Zod had Ursa and Non henching for him? Again, he has a badass lady and large mute Kryptonian henching for him, but this time around they are different characters. Nam-Ek's only figure comes in a multipack in a smaller scale, but Faora gets the Movie Masters treatment. Being hip to Mattel's tricks, I assumed that I would never find a Faora in stores, so I kept an eye on her price online. Eventually, I was able to order her for retail price.

Faora is a pretty standard Movie Masters figure, including what I suppose is the new standard of lacking an ab crunch. Her head looks a little too big, but otherwise, it's a cool figure. The giant armor shoulder pads are a softer plastic, so they don't get in the way of her arm movement too much.

Faora's only accessory is the stand depicting the symbol for her family. It kind of looks like an F. If you squint really hard. Okay, it looks more like a 35 to me. Kryptonian fashion is kind of weird. Imagine if we all went around with our family names on the chest of our undershirts. There is a knife attached to her leg, but it's not removable. It's also made of really soft plastic, so even if she had an open hand to hold it with, it probably wouldn't be very good.

"We can't fight here, there's not enough potential property damage!"

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  1. Great figure overall. Same goes for the rest of the Superman Movie Masters too. A bit unfortunate to see that they're ludicrously priced at a whopping USD33 over here in Malaysia/South East Asia...simply mind-boggling!


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