Thursday, August 29, 2013

#59: LEGO Minifigures series 11 - Yeti

When I saw the lineup reveal for LEGO minigures series 11, the Yeti is the one that I most wanted. It hits that sweet spot of monster/cryptid/adorable for me, so finding it was priority number one for this series. This is another LEGO minifigure without the standard LEGO head. It's just the giant furry yeti head, which is all one piece. His only accessory is a popsicle. The entire thing is clear blue plastic, so perhaps it is completely made of ice, handle and all. This yeti also reminds me of the mascot for the daily tee-shirt site The Yetee. I guess white fur and a blue face isn't exactly the most out there interpretation for what a yeti would look like.

I found the  yeti by feeling for the popsicle, which is distinctive. The head would also be a good piece to feel for, it's pretty large, and not particularly similarly shaped to any other pieces in the series. As for the bump code, it is pictured above. There is a batch code of 218B3 stamped into the package as well, so different batch codes may have different bump codes.

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