Tuesday, August 20, 2013

#51: Masters of the Universe Classics - Orko

My nostalgia for Masters of the Universe isn't strong enough that I was willing to pay full price for many of the MOTUC figures from Mattycollector. Only Fearless Photog, Battle Cat, and Panthor. Faker was from a Black Friday sale, and He-Man and Skeleltor were from the MOTUC vs DCUC two packs which provided much better value. Thanks to Big Lots, my MOTUC collection has recently grown with figure that I would otherwise never have bought. Looking forward, the only upcoming figure I'm interested in is Modulok, and depending on how its priced, I may or may not order one.

So anyway, Orko here is my latest Big Lots acquisition. He's appropriately pretty small, but he comes with a staff, a book, and a flight stand. The arms and head are articulated, but he can't really hold the book very well. Sometimes an accessory outshines the figure it comes with, and this is one of those cases, because included with Orko is a Prince Adam figure.

Mattel has made many controversial decisions with the MOTUC line, but the idea of packaging Prince Adam as an accessory for Orko is so goofy that I can't help but love it. The accessory gets more accessories than the main figure in this case. Adam includes a regular sword, the half sword, and an extra head. Why an extra head? No idea.

Word from Mattel is that from now on, MOTUC toys won't be showing up at Big Lots. That may even be true. But for now, I'm glad that I've been able to buy some of these figures at such great prices.

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  1. Nice haul bro. I got my Icarius (New Adventures of He-Man)figure thru a friend in Indiana fr 10 bucks too! Wasn't willing to cough up exorbitant amount for such a fringe character but at 10 bucks....hey...what the heck!


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