Saturday, August 24, 2013

#53: Batman Classic TV Series - The Penguin

A hero is only as good as his villains, so naturally I was going to get some of the classic TV villains for Batman to square off against. The Penguin is the figure I was the most on the fence about, because he's the least exciting looking character. He's just a guy in a tux. Ultimately, I decided to get all of the villains because they were all in the movie, so I felt that the collection would seem incomplete without him. Surprisingly, Penguin includes an actual accessory: his umbrella. A Penguin figure without an umbrella would certainly be a bit of a letdown. Unfortunately, the handle is a bit warped from packaging, and is a bit thin to stay in his hands securely. Interestingly, he also includes a cigarette holder, which is non-removable. You normally don't see toys with tobacco related accessories, but this is touted as an adult collectible, and I don't think the line is actually being sold in stores, so I suppose they're not too worried about getting into trouble. It's a decent enough Burgess Meredith likeness, and has the standard Mattel Movie Masters articulation. The new, post ab-crunch articulation.

Also adding value to the figures is the inclusion of a display base and a collector card. The stand is a nice callback to the TV series, with a large sound effect emblazoned on it. In this case, a typical Penguin exclamation of "AWK!" The card is a painted picture of the Penguin during his mayoral campaign, and can be slotted into the stand. It's printed on a fairly thick card stock. On the back of the card is what looks like a portion of the Batcave. Perhaps putting all the cards together will form a larger picture.

If you're a completist, you'll definitely want the Penguin figure. But if you pass on it, there's nothing mind blowing about it that you ought to feel overly sorry for missing.

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