Thursday, August 22, 2013

#52: Transformers Generations - Metroplex

BIGGEST EVER. That's what it says on the box. Previously the record was held by Fortress Maximus, but now the biggest Transformer toy ever made is Metroplex. Standing tall at over two feet tall, this is a truly massive Autobot. Here's robot mode, a wasp waisted giant with massive pecs. He comes with a huge sticker sheet with about a hundred stickers on it. It took a long time to get them on, reminiscent of the Skystriker. Fortunately, most of them weren't super small. Most of them. He has lights and sounds, but batteries are not included, and I haven't installed any to check out those features. His only armament in robot form is a shoulder mounted cannon that fires a standard missile. It's got a decent range, as far as rocket launchers go these days.

Metroplex's first alternate form is a big mobile fortress tank thing. The directions only refer to it as vehicle mode. Basically, you sit Metroplex down, rotate his arms, and unfold the front of his legs. Robot mode is pretty massive, but vehicle mode takes up a ton more floor space. There are a couple different gun stations for smaller Transformers to use, and he's got the landing strips up front.

Like the original, Metroplex again turns into a city. Also like the original, its resemblance to a city is debatable. This time, you just flip the legs over, rotate the chest, move the arms around a little more, and unfold the thighs, and boom: city mode. There are a couple different gun stations for smaller Transformers, and roads for them to drive on.

Changing Metroplex between the various modes is pretty easy, and he's rated a 2 level of difficulty. It's pretty easy to remember after doing it once, the only difficulty is dealing with such a large and unwieldy toy. I can only imagine the difficulty little kids would have with it.

One of my favorite details is a series of stickers for Metroplex's chest which depict Bumblebee, Optimus, Ultra Magnus, and Arcee all looking out from windows. It helps to reinforce the size of Metroplex, and they all have their classic G1 appearances.

Metroplex also comes with a buddy, Scamper. It's one of the small legends class (if they're still calling it that) figures. Vehicle mode is a Cybertronian car with six wheels.

Naturally, it's a fairly simple conversion.

Supposedly, Metroplex is in scale with legends class figures. To the extent that they can drive around on him in vehicle mode, that works. But compared to the stickers on his chest that show the Autobots inside, they are clearly too large.

Juvenile humor time. Yes, he has individually articulated fingers, so he can flip the bird at the Decepticons.

A comparison with Unicron, previously the largest Transformers toy in my collection.


  1. Replies
    1. It's even more impressive in person.

  2. Actually, if you just go by height I believe Ultimate Cheetor from Beast Machines was largest until now. He was taller than Fortress Maximus in robot mode.

    This figure looks very nice, not sure if I'll bother getting him though. He's so big I'm not sure I'd have any place to put him, plus I already have a G1 Metroplex and the Cybertron version too. I think this would've been more exciting if it were Omega Supreme or a new Fortmax.

    1. Ultimate Cheetor, eh? That's pretty crazy. I suppose Fortress Maximus was more bulky, at least.

      A new Omega Supreme would be great! I hoped we would get one based on his Animated appearance, but if they didn't release one by now, they probably have no plans to do so.

  3. That last pic truly depicts how massive this bot is! I always thought that Unicron is massive, but holy crap Metroplex!

    1. I have a certain weakness for ridiculously large figures, which was a part of the appeal. I knew that his size comparison with Unicron would be fun to check out in person.


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