Thursday, August 29, 2013

#58: LEGO Minifigures series 11 - Gingerbread Man

 Next up from LEGO Minifigures series 11 is the Gingerbread Man. This guy feels pretty festive, along with the metallic green packaging. Too bad Christmas is four months away. He's a pretty basic minifigure, aside from the head, which is basically a disk. There is no regular LEGO minifigure head here. The head has a couple of layers to it, like an ice cream sandwich, or an Oreo cookie. The eyes and the layers are actually sculpted on, as well as being painted, so there's not a whole lot of reuse potential that I can think of here. Maybe a Gingerbread Woman is in the works for a future series. He looks like a plain tan, but upon closer inspection, there is a light pattern of spots painted on him, to give the appearance of irregularity rather than a flat surface. The Gingerbread Man's only accessory is a mug that has "Dunk me!" printed on its side. That seems kind of morbid for a man made of gingerbread.

The easiest piece to feel for is his head, as it's a thick disk shape. None of the other minifigures have a mug, so that works too. As for the bump code, it is pictured above. There is a batch code of 218B3 stamped into the package as well, so different batch codes may have different bump codes.

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