Saturday, December 27, 2014

#110: Gothitropolis - Decimus Hrabban

While I've enjoyed the Four Horsemen's work on the various Mattel action figure lines, I've never really paid attention to their figures based on their own original ideas. Then last year they held a Kickstarter for their newest figures, which were all warrior bird men. The main figure is a raven and is thus hella goth, which piqued my interest. So this is Decimus Hrabben, and I'm really just going to think of him as "raven warrior" from now on. It's really cool to see the Four Horsemen to work without being held back by Mattel bean counters, because this is a beautiful figure. There's a ton of detail to the sculpt, and all the paint apps are well done. For accessories, there's a long staff with a spiked ball on one end and a sickle on the other. There are two alternate pairs of feet, one with the claws somewhat curled, and the other with the claws in a grasping position. This is a figure that would definitely benefit from a flight stand.

One of the Kickstarter bonuses was a weapons pack which includes an alternate head with a screaming mouth, a helmet, and a sword. I couldn't get the head off to swap heads, as it's stuck on there very tightly. Another option that I went for was a pair of wings. They look awesome, and can unfold and swivel, so there are different display options. It was interesting getting inside peaks into the toy production process between the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign and the arrival of the toys. The wait was kind of long, but the figures turned out really well.

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