Sunday, December 28, 2014

#112: Batman Li'l Gotham - Harley Quinn

Li'l Gotham is a more fun take on the Batman mythos than the mainline titles, and Dustin Nguyen's artwork for it is consistently a highlight. I like the take on Harley Quinn's costume in that it's her classic costume but with her fringe sticking out from under the hood. These figures are a lot smaller than the usual DC Collectibles fare, with Harley in the three to four inches range in height. The articulation is designed more for small adjustments in display rather than posing. Harley includes a mallet, a Joker doll, one of her pet hyenas (who's sleeping), and a base. She's supposed to be able to hold the doll, but it won't fit into the hole in her hand. This definitely isn't the most fun figure, but it does a great job of replicating Dustin Nguyen's artwork so it's a good display piece.

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