Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#80: Minecraft - Overworld Zombie

I guess Minecraft has finally achieved enough mainstream success that it has a toy line that is available at more than just online outlets. Thanks to the simplistic style of graphics in the game, the zombie is a spot on representation of the game model. Articulation is fairly limited, but that is an accurate representation of how the zombies are able to move in the game. The head, shoulders, and legs are all swviel joints. In fact, I think the toy might have more articulation than in the game: a waist swivel.

Although the zombies in the game aren't armed, preferring hand to hand combat, the figure includes a sword. I think the Steve figure comes with a pickaxe, so this would be useful for arming him against the various mobs of the Minecraft world. In either case, the zombie is fully capable of holding the sword. The hand is shaped perfectly to accommodate the pixelated shape of the sword's hilt, and it fits snugly.

The zombie's other accessory is a block of iron ore.

The Minecraft figures are a bit pricy at ten dollars each, so at least they get a couple accessories each. For fans of the game, these are definitely cool to have.

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