Saturday, December 21, 2013

#87: G.I. Joe Retaliation - Budo Samurai Warrior

If G.I. Joe is going to employ a bunch of ninja, as well as a bunch of other assorted goofballs, they might as well have a guy with samurai armor, right? So here's Budo, whose character I'm not at all familiar with. But it's a guy in samurai armor, and that's pretty cool. Also, he's originally from Sacramento, which is probably the closest I'm getting to having the same home town as a Joe. While all the armor does look cool, it is pretty restrictive of his articulation below the waist. It appears that the armor is removable, but it looks like it would be a big hassle to get off and back on, so I'm just going to be leaving it as is. For accessories, Budo has a couple of differently sized swords, a badass looking removable helmet, and a blank dog tag stand. The helmet doesn't fit on super tight, but it stays on. He's a pretty cool looking figure, but his skin tone is a fairly cringe-worthy shade, so the helmet is definitely staying on.

Samurai style

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