Sunday, January 10, 2010

#1: Star Wars Legacy Collection concept IG-88

I'm not sure why they included a concept IG-88 in the Revenge of the Sith wave, especially when the very next wave is more appropriately themed Empire Strikes Back wave. Ultimately, I suppose it doesn't matter, especially since the entire wave is still pretty scarce. I was lucky enough to catch this figure while it was briefly in stock at Hasbro's webshop, and I still haven't seen it anywhere else.

During the 30th Anniversary Collection a couple years back, there were quite a few concept figures spread throughout the line, and they were usually harder to find than normal and had special packaging. The Legacy Collection only gets four concept figures, but so far it seems like they are hard to find as well.

I really dig the design on the concept IG-88, it's got a very retro '50s sci-fi look to it. If it had less gangly proportions, it could definitely be a guy in a suit from some MST3K fodder b-movie. Not only does it look good, but it's about as well articulated as a Star Wars figure comes. It's also got holsters built into its legs, which is a cool feature. If you can find one, I definitely recommend picking up one of these.


  1. Hmm....agree with u....looks retro...reminds me of a certain "Klaatu Nikto Barada" movie..LOL!

  2. I saw about ten of them at Kohls before Christmas - may need to check back to see if they've clearanced their toys yet.

  3. That is a lucky catch, I hadn't seen this there or in the wild. Bubba, if they still have them, snag me one and I would be happy to send payment!

  4. I really like his "60's" robot visual; = )


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