Monday, January 11, 2010

#2: Star Wars Legacy Collection Boba Fett

While I ordered the concept IG-88, this Boba Fett was also in stock, so I got one. After getting the Jango Fett last year, buying the Evolutions set to get the Boba Fett was ruled out. Even though I already have two regular Boba Fetts, I wanted to get this one because of the removable helmet. This is a slight repaint of the Evolutions version, and I'm glad they released it on a single card. As far as I'm concerned, this is the last Boba Fett I ever need to get. Unless they make one with a rocket launching jet pack. Which I am sure the Hasbro staff is hard at work on right now. Aside from the removable helmet, his cape seems to be an upgrade from those on previous versions. Now he also has a holster for the blaster pistol he comes with.

There have been rumors of an upgraded to Slave I for this year. I don't know how reliable these rumors are, but I guess we will find out. If they are true, it would be cool to have a newer version for Boba Fett to menace Han Solo with.


  1. Hadn't heard about the Slave 1, but we've seen leaked pics of new vintage cards and listings in Target systems for a vintage collection. There's also rumors that there will be a Fett mail-away this year. Would go great with a S1. The big hope is that the mail-away will be the long hoped for rocket-firing Fett.

    We can all dream...Slick

  2. I am still searching for this one as well, Empire color scheme is my favorite.

    In a way they already made a rocket firing Fett, the 300th had a separate projectile you could fire, I think they may have used this on a Jango as well.


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