Wednesday, January 13, 2010

#4: Star Wars Legacy Collection AT-AT Driver

During the same visit to Wal-Mart that I picked up the concept Snowtrooper, I also picked up the AT-AT driver. Now if they really do come out with a new AT-AT, and it doesn't come with a pilot, I'll have that taken care of. It's a good figure! It is as well articulated as just about any other self respecting Star Wars figure, and it looks good. The helmet and chestpiece are removable, which I always dig. There's no way to stow the blaster if he's not holding it, but I suppose that is true to the character.

Maybe I should buy a second if I find more, to have the potential AT-AT's cockpit fully manned.


  1. Another one I'm on the prowl for, actually I think I want to get two in case of an AT-AT, there goes the toy list!


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