Tuesday, January 12, 2010

#3: Star Wars Legacy Collection concept Snowtrooper

I didn't realize the Empire Strikes Back wave was out on the shelves around here, so it was a pleasant surprise to find these figures at Wal-Mart. Of course, they weren't in the regular area for Star Wars figures, they were further down the aisle, on the opposite side at the very end.

I have mentioned my love of Snowtroopers before, so of course this concept version is a must buy for me. There is a different concept Snowtrooper that was released during the 30th Anniversary Collection line, but I never saw one in person, so I missed out. I'm glad I found this one, it's a really cool figure. The armor here is pretty reminiscent of samurai armor which I suppose is appropriate given how much Vader's armor was inspired by that of the samurai. As far as I know, this figure is an entirely new sculpt, and it's well done, filled with detail. Check out the spikes on the bottom of those boots, they're even individually painted.

There was an episode during the first season of the Clone Wars that took place on an ice planet. The clone troopers wore modified armor for the climate, and it looked a lot like this concept Snowtrooper. They haven't made figures of those clones yet, but I'm sure they will eventually, although this figure just whets my appetite.


  1. Your killing me with all these finds, I have been turning two Wal Marts over the past two weeks looking for this wave!

  2. I never seen the concept Snowtroopers before. Is this really the original drawing in the 1970s? Look too modern...

  3. Leon, I assure you it is based on authentic 70s art. This figure is actually based on the work of Joe Johnston, not Ralph McQuarrie like most of the other concept figures.


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