Thursday, January 14, 2010

#5: G.I. Joe Zartan

Much like he does to the Joes, Zartan has been causing me trouble. I ordered him last month with that batch of toys that was otherwise just Star Wars figures. Unfortunately, when I opened the Zartan, his hand broke off. I've never had that kind of problem with a Hasbro toy before, but fortunately I was able to return it for a replacement. So if it hadn't broken, this would have counted under 2009's count of toys.

There are a couple different versions of Zartan out there, but this is the one closest to his appearance in the cartoon, which is why I went with this one. Let's get my complaints out of the way first. His right elbow doesn't want to bend. I don't want to break it, so I'm not going to force it. The Zartan I had to send back also had this problem, maybe they're from a bad batch or something.

Zartan comes with a good amount of accessories. The biggest one is a tiny version of his Swamp Skier, which the original figure came with. I'm betting this will be the only modern version of it that we'll get, and although it is way smaller than before, it's better than nothing. He also has a backpack that can hold the two masks he comes with: Storm Shadow and Duke. There's also a knife that sheathes on his leg, and a pistol.

Overall, it's a good figure, I just wish the elbow worked properly.

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