Friday, September 7, 2012

#76: The Dark Knight Rises - Movie Masters Catwoman

Along with Ra's al Ghul, I was able to get Catwoman from Amazon for a good price. Since I was ordering online, I was worried that I would get the other version of Catwoman. You know how Catwoman's goggles flip up to the top of her head to give her cat ears? Rather than making that something that the figure could do, or giving alternate heads, Mattel went with the option of making variant Catwoman figures to represent the two looks. This is definitely the cooler version, so I'm glad that I lucked out. So, hey, a completely new sculpt! With her crazy heels, I was worried that she would be difficult to stand, but she surprisingly isn't difficult to keep standing. I still haven't seen any figures from the second wave in stores, so I'm glad that Amazon had at least a couple of them for a decent price. Unfortunately, Blake still remains overpriced, so I am keeping an eye out.

One piece left! Blake, where are you?


  1. This is a really nice version of Catwoman, but I would have liked to see her as an individual 3 3/4 inch version. Sadly, it only came in a Target exclusive Battle For Gotham City action figure set.

  2. I like this figure i might have to get one sometime for myself.

    1. Hopefully they're more plentiful in your area. I've only ever seen Batman and Bane in stores.


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