Friday, September 21, 2012

#82: The Dark Knight Rises - Movie Masters GCPD Blake

Like my previous two Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters figures, I was able to find Blake by leaving him on my Amazon wishlist and keeping an eye on it until the price dropped to an acceptable level. Thanks to the magic of the internet, I was able to avoid getting Matteled and being stuck with an incomplete Batsignal. Surprisingly, Mattel opted to forego making a figure of yet another guy in a suit figure for Blake. They could have easily done so and packaged him as a detective (I guess that's a spoiler, but I figure it's not too important a plot point). The legs are the same from the suit body, but the upper body is all new, and it looks pretty good. The jacket is some nice work, and has some detailed paint work that turned out well. It's all tiny detail, but it looks nice and sharp. No accessories here, just a piece of the Batsignal. A gun would have been a good accessory here.

"Budget cuts have forced us to only issue firearms to detectives. Sorry, kid."

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