Thursday, September 13, 2012

#78: The Avengers - Movie Series Hulk

Yay, Hulk! Since this is a Wal-Mart exclusive, I didn't have very high hopes of ever finding the six inch scale version of the Hulk. When I went to the toy show a few weeks ago, there were people selling Hulks, but mostly for over twice retail price, which I wasn't willing to pay. I figured my best bet would be Ebay, but it's been pretty expensive there as well. Recently I've heard reports that the six inch Avengers figures are starting to show up more plentifully in Walmarts, so I gave Ebay a shot again. Apparently, the rumors are true, because I was able to get a Hulk for a decent price.

One of the first things I noticed about the Hulk, while he was still in the package, is how tall he is. In order to fit in the bubble, he's hunched over, with his legs bent. So he's appropriately giant in comparison with the other figures in the line. He's also not as heavy as I expected. It feels like his chest is hollow, which would help explain that. Overall, there really isn't much to complain about. It's a very good looking figure, and it moves well. The tatters on the pants are well designed to not get in the way of the articulation.


Some variation on this theme is pretty much required for any post about the Hulk when you also have a Loki figure.


  1. I have yet to run across this one at Wal-Mart but saw some at a Toy Resellers but was way more than i wanted to spend.

  2. Replies
    1. Keep an eye out at Wal-Marts, hopefully you'll run across one.

  3. I stuck to the 3.75" line. That movie Hulk didn't appeal to me, so I picked up the new Marvel Universe version for my movie Avengers team. The 6" version has WAY better proportions, though. Nice find!

    1. I'm still waiting to find the new Marvel Universe Hulk. It looks good, and a much nicer shade of green than the comic pack version I already have.


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