Friday, September 28, 2012

#85: DC Universe Signature Collection - Black Mask

Hey, it's my first figure from the DC subscription. My roommate's brother gave him a subscription, but he didn't want this figure, so he let me take it. It's a Batman villain, so I'm game. I'm not terribly familiar with the character, but he does have the distinction of having killed a Robin. Yeah, it was the Stephanie Brown Robin, and her death was later retconned as having been faked. But only the Joker has also killed a Robin (and that one stuck for a long time), so that's got to be worth something, right? Anyway, it's another guy in a suit! It's like Movie Masters all over again, but the body is upsized to fit in better with the DCUC figures. At least the headsculpt is very cool looking. In a nice change of pace for a Mattel figure, there are accessories! He comes with a couple of bladed weapons, one is some sort of double bladed thing that I don't know the name for. There's also a knife which theoretically goes with the final accessory: one of Batman's cowls. The cover of Batman 636 features Black Mask, with Batman's cowl pinned to a wall by a knife. That's the knife the figure comes with, but there's no way for it to meaningfully interact with the cowl. There is a very shallow groove on the back side of the cowl, but it's too shallow to stick the knife point into. So the cowl is kind of useless. It's not hollow, so you can't use it as a hand puppet, which I think would be pretty amusing.



  1. Under normal circumstances, I would have bought this guy, but I couldn't bring myself to $30 for a suit body I have several of with only a new head.

    That head looks really good, though...


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