Sunday, September 30, 2012

#87: The Avengers - Marvel's Hawkeye

Hey, did you know that The Avengers came out on Blu-Ray and DVD this week? With synergistic zeal, Target has also increased its stock of Avengers toys, while reducing their prices. A Hawkeye figure had actually shown up on the peg a week or so before the expansion of Avengers toys on the shelf. I'd been thinking about picking it up, since I don't have a Hawkeye at all, comic version or no, in this scale. Since it was on sale and there were a few to compare paint jobs, I went for it. The figure has a pretty great likeness of Jeremy Renner, although it is disappointing that he is wearing the sunglasses that he has on in all the promotional materials but only wears for the one scene in the movie. For accessories, he gets two bows. In case you lose one? There are also three "arrows" which serve as projectiles for the launcher. The launcher itself can attach to a bow. Rather than pushing a button to launch the arrows, you have to pull back on them so the spring gets compressed, then let them go. Unfortunately, there aren't any proper arrows. Even if there were, Hawkeye can't quite get into an arrow shooting pose, but he can get into what I suppose is the next best thing which is a pulling an arrow from the quiver pose. Which would be a lot better with a regular looking arrow. Also, he is lacking wrist, ankle, and waist/torso articulation. Despite those quibbles, he's a pretty good figure overall. Now I'm only two figures away from a movie Avengers line up in this scale, but I think I will be satisfied with my complete movie lineup in Minimates form.

On the shooting range

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