Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#10: Tobidase Doubutsuno Mori (Animal Crossing) - Nendoroid Shizue (Isabelle)

This is my first Nendoroid figure, and from what I can tell, they tend to be chibi or super-deformed versions of characters. Apparently when the characters are already chibi styled, they stick to accurate representations of the characters, like Shizue here. I'll be sticking with calling her Isabelle, as that's what her name is in the American version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Isabelee's first and most important accessory is the display stand. Due to the character design, there's no way she can stand, as her legs end in rounded stumps. She attaches to the display base with an arm that plugs into her back and can plug into different spots on the base. Isabelle has some articulation, mostly swivels. Her hips, waist, shoulders, elbows, and ponytail are all swivels, while the neck is on a swivel/hinge joint. In a nice bit of attention to detail, there are actual (tiny) bells attached to her hairband.

One of her alternate expressions is more serious. The part of the head that swaps for expressions has the neck peg embedded in it, so there is no need to swap the peg when swapping expressions. That's a big relief. For this picture, I paired it up with her alternate arms that are holding a pen and clipboard, as well as the question mark that floats above her head. The question mark attaches via a clear peg to an alternate hairband.

Isabelle's other expression is a happy one, which pairs well with the hovering music notes and the hands clasped to her chest. Each of the notes gets an arm that plugs into the base, so there are some options in positioning.

Finally, Isabelle gets to be the mayor.


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