Thursday, January 30, 2014

#11: The LEGO Movie - Scribble-Face Bad Cop

After picking up the two LEGO Move minifigures, I re-watched the trailers for the upcoming movie and realized that one of the blindpacked minifigures is the character that Liam Neeson voices. Liam Neeson is pretty great, so I figured having a LEGO minifigure of a character he voices would be cool. By the time I got back to checking the display box, there were only five packages left, and fortunately this was one of them. He's fairly easy to identify by the handcuffs, although the phone is pretty distinctive as well. Judging by the trailers, the character has a good cop face and a bad cop face, although on this minifigure, the good cop face is represented by a crudely scribbled happy face. Presumably, that's based on some plot point in the movie, but I like that it's kind of creepy looking. The regular bad cop face has mirrored sunglasses and a sneer. This could also work as a T-1000 LEGO minifigure.

Here's the bump code for the Scibble-Face Bad Cop, with production code 238B3.


  1. I literally have a couple Lego minifigure heads I acquired second-hand that have scribbled-on faces, so this one is pretty meta. Might have to grab one!

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