Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#4: Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Skyline Sirens (Black Cat|)

More surprising than finding the new Spider-Man Marvel Legends figures in the store was that some of the shortpacked figures (anything that's not Spider-Man) were still there. Since Black Cat was there, I've never had a figure for her, and it looked good in the package, I decided to pick it up as well as the Spider-Man. The last female Marvel Legends figure I got ended up not being my favorite, but Black Cat turned out well. She's not super articulated like Spidey, but she is a nice balance of articulation and aesthetics. Like just about every other figure wearing high heels, she can be a bit of a bother to balance. For an accessory she gets a claw thing on a rope, with a handle. She comes with Ultimate Green Goblin's torso, which is the torso from the movie Hulk figure but in different colors.

"Gee, Cat, I really look up to you. Mostly because of the heels you're wearing."

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