Sunday, January 26, 2014

#7: Gremlins - Spider Gremlin

One of the things that made Gremlins 2 more fun than the original is wide variety of mutant gremlins that were introduced, thanks to a convenient mad science lab. One of the most memorable, and probably the most creepy, was the spider gremlin. It seems like I've been waiting for this figure for a long time. I don't remember when it was first announced, but I pre-ordered it way back in June, and this month it finally showed up. Out of the box, it requires a bit of assembly. The legs all have to be attached at the first joint, which requires a bit of doing. As is, they won't go in without a little soaking in hot water to soften up the ball sockets. Once everything is in place, the spider gremlin looks great. This is a very detailed sculpt with some very sharp pointy bits (my fingers are still a little sore from all the poking while attaching the legs) which remind you that this is definitely not a toy targeted at children. The paint is very detailed and it all looks good on mine. Articulation is pretty extensive with multiple ball joints on each leg. The jaw opens, and even the abdomen is articulated. Unsurprisingly, those spindly legs can't support the figure by themselves, so fortunately there is a display stand included that utilizes a transparent rod for minimal visual intrusiveness. There is also a flask of the mutant spider DNA solution, which fits fairly well in spider gremlin's hand. If this is the last Gremlins figure, then at least the line is going out with a bang rather than a whimper. I'll still buy the bat gremlin if they make one!

"I don't care what Jameson says, I had nothing to do with this!"


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