Friday, January 24, 2014

#5: The LEGO Movie - Abraham Lincoln

The LEGO Movie sets have been hitting stores recently, and more importantly to me, the new series of blindpacked minifigures is in stores as well. Abraham Lincoln was a must buy for me. He's one of the presidents with the most pop culture cache and a distinctive look to boot. I'm curious what his character does in the movie, but he's a worthy figure to have in any case. Finding ol' Honest Abe was pretty easy by feeling for his hat. I didn't know it beforehand, but the hat and beard are one piece, so it threw me off a little. He also includes a tile with the Gettysburg Address printed on it, with the famous opening line legible.

Here's the bump code on the packaging for Abraham Lincoln, as seen from the back side. The production code stamped into it is 538B3.

With apologies to Brian Posehn

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