Friday, January 31, 2014

#12: LEGO Cuusoo - Back to the Future DeLorean (21103)

As a big fan of Back to the Future, I was really excited when LEGO announced that they would be making a DeLorean set through their Cuusoo program. When the final product was revealed, I was kind of underwhelmed. Eventually, I broke down and ordered one. I'm still a bit underwhelmed by its appearance, but it is still pretty cool. It's a DeLorean, after all. Mostly my dissatisfaction is with how blocky the hood is. I've seen pictures of alternate builds of the set that look better, so I may look into that. There are some nice touches, such as a flux capacitor and a time circuit display on the dashboard, and I liked the way the big black exhaust vents (or whatever those are) on the back were made.

Besides the DeLorean itself, the set includes minifigures for our two main protagonists, Doc and Marty. They are wearing their 1985 outfits, from the scenes leading up to Marty's trip back to 1955. They both have double sided heads, with happy expressions and worried expressions. Marty also gets a skateboard.

The cool thing about this set is that it doesn't just represent the DeLorean from the first movie, it includes parts to make the DeLorean reflect its changing appearance through the series. To reflect its 2015 upgrades, the wheels fold under and there are clear blocks to stand it on to give it a hovering appearance. There's also a Mr. Fusion unit that attaches. This is my favorite look, so this is how I'll be displaying it.

To reflect the DeLorean's 19th century fixes, the wheels swap out, and the hood mounted panel can be put in place.

There are also two license plates, the DeLorean's original 1985 "OUTATIME" plate, and the 2015 barcode version.

Time travelers' convention.


  1. Oooo this looks really cool! But no hoverboard for Marty?! lol
    What's the 1:18 scale model from though?

    1. I got it about three or four years ago, from I got the exclusive version, which has the hover conversion tires, but other places sell it as well.

  2. I didn't know it had parts to make it into each era's version - that's pretty neat!

  3. I like the comparison pic at the end... and I also like that you're posting more pictures per post than just the usual one that you normally do!


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