Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#9: Yotsuba&! - Revoltech Yotsuba

While my first toy to open this year was the Revoltech Danboard, Yotsuba was actually the first toy that I bought. But because I ordered from a service that shipped straight from Japan, it took a few weeks to arrive. Like Danboard, Yotsuba's figure has been pretty popular, so Revoltech periodically re-releases it, and this is the most recent release. It's a pretty cute representation of the manga character, with a big smile as her default expression. For the most part, it's pretty easy to pose, although there are some weird articulation points. Her shoulders have two sets of swivels, which help a bit with angling the arms, but more lateral motion would have been nice. I'm guessing it was done for the aesthetic of the shoulders, as the only place where the articulation makes things look a little weird is at the elbows and possibly the ankles, which are both swivel/hinge joints.

Yotsube includes a stand that can function two ways. It has a peg that can plug into a foot like a standard action figure stand. Then there is also an arm that can plug into the base and support the waist, like a doll stand. She also includes a small bag and a hat. The top two braids on her head are removable so that the hat fits on the head, and it has grooves on the inside that correspond with her bangs, helping hold it in place on her head.

Yotsuba has a couple of alternate facial expressions. This is the extra happy face, which goes well with the ice cream bar and extra hand for holding it. The kid loves ice cream. Swapping expressions basically means removing the entire head and swapping out the hair. This also involves swapping out the neck peg, which can be difficult to remove from the head. I was able to resort to using tweezers, as my bare fingers couldn't get a proper grip. It would have been nice if it was just the front half of the head that had to be swapped.

The other alternate face is more of a determined/displeased look. Seems appropriate with the squirt gun and extra hand to hold it. There are also a couple of other extra sets of hands: one with the fingers splayed and one with the hands in "karate chop" position.

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