Thursday, March 17, 2011

#33: DC Universe Classics - Gorilla Grodd

A couple years ago, I got the Harley Quinn figure, which came with Grodd's torso and head. I didn't buy any of the other figures in the wave (I wish I'd bought Aqua Man so my JLA would now be complete!), but I kept the piece of Grodd as I tend to keep BAF pieces even if I have no intention of completing them. Recently, I did decide to sell off all the BAF pieces I've accumulated over the years, and in the process of sorting through them decided to finally complete Grodd. Through the magic of Ebay, I was able to accumulate the rest of the limbs over the past couple of months. Ultimately, I think I ended up paying slightly less than I would have if I had just bought all the figures during their initial release. So, good enough. In case you are wondering, the left arm is the most common piece being offered. That's the one that came with the red and blue versions of the electric Superman.

So anyway, it's pretty cool. He's about 8 inches tall, so he towers over the regular figures. Real gorillas aren't bipedal, they walk around with the knuckles of their hands on the ground, and Grodd can't properly stand like that. But real gorillas aren't 8 feet tall either, so it's okay as a willing suspension of disbelief. But if you want a figure of a real gorilla, this isn't the best way to go. Some knee articulation would have been nice, but what are you gonna do? It would also have been cool if the headset thing was removable, but it's stuck in the head.

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  1. The non-removable mind-control apparatus used to bother me, but it does separate him from a King Kong toy so I guess it's okay. At least it won't fall off or get lost I suppose.


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