Tuesday, December 13, 2016

#90: Star Wars The Black Series - Kylo Ren (unmasked)

Also in the Rogue One wave available for Force Friday were a couple re-tooled Force Awakens figures. So here's my second Kylo Ren, this time with the unmasked head that I wish had just been included as an alternate head the first time. I suppose that they were trying to avoid spoilers then, so that is kind of excusable. So really, this time he should have had an alternate masked head. I do like the likeness on the face, he just looks so grumpy. And his hair looks ready for a shampoo commercial. Otherwise, this is the same figure, although the robes don't seem overly long like my first Kylo figure. Also, this time he gets two lightsabers, one ignited and the other not ignited. That's much better looking than the one with the removable blade that the first release had. The alternate lightsabers were in the K-Mart exclusive Starkiller Base version, so I'm glad they made it to this release too.

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