Saturday, December 17, 2016

#94: Marvel Legends - Enchantress

So far as I know, Mattel has no plans to make an Enchantress figure for Suicide Squad. Coincidentally or not, Hasbro has released a figure of the Marvel character of the same name. She's the Enchantress I'm more familiar with anyway, so that's fine by me. I believe this is a slightly re-painted version of the Enchantress figure that was part of the recent con exclusive set that also included the Dormammu that is the build a figure for this series. Overall, it's a nice looking figure, with a fantastic smirk on Amora's face. While she has fairly long hair, it's sculpted in a way that allows for a decent amount of movement for the neck joint. Her accessories are two "magic" effects pieces that a few other figures have had, this time in a bright green. They look cool, and clip on fairly easily to her wrists.

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