Monday, May 11, 2009

#49: Doctor Who Cyberman (The Tenth Planet)

When I saw that the Doctor Who line would be including a series of Cybermen based on their different appearances throughout the years I was looking forward to getting them since I think they are one of the more fun groups that antagonize the Doctor. After getting a better look at the final products online, I was sold.

This Cyberman is from the first appearance of the Cybermen, "The Tenth Planet" from 1966, which was also the end of William Hartnell's run as the Doctor. Alas, the tapes for this story have been lost to time, so most of us may never get to see it aside from the few clips that are still available.

The figure accurately reflects the delightfully bizarre appearance of the Cyberman it is based on. It has a very mid Space Age sci-fi aesthetic that I really dig, so I am definitely enjoying this figure.

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