Friday, May 29, 2009

Street date

Revenge of the Fallen toys officially go on sale tomorrow. For the most part, I am not particularly interested in the movie line, since I don't really like their aesthetic. The only toy I got from the first movie's line is the leader class Brawl. I got that because it doesn't really look too crazy for a movie design, and it's a big tank. As far as RotF toys, I want to get the biplane because I dig biplanes (I'm guessing it's a character that's not even in the movie) and the toaster. Yes, there is a Decepticon that turns into a toaster! His name is Ejector. That is so ridiculous that I cannot resist.

There are reports of stores out there that have broken the street date for the Revenge of the Fallen toys, and today I discovered that Rite-Aid is one of them. Among their Universe and Animated Transformers, there was a single RotF toy, a deluxe. I don't remember which, it was either Sideways or Sideswipe. One of the similarly named silver cars. I know that drug stores that carry toys tend to have exorbitant pricing, and Rite-Aid is no exception. They are charging $17.99 for a deluxe class Transformer, and $11.50 for a Star Wars figure. Outrageous! I am kind of tempted by Cyclonus, since I haven't seen one in stores for a few months, though.

If any of you are planning to buy Revenge of the Fallen toys this weekend, I wish you happy hunting!

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  1. I share your sentiment Mario. I happen to have the leaderclass brawl as well. :)

    The toyline was officially open over my end last Saturday. I did a write up for my first official impression of the movie line toys here if you want to know.

    like your situational over there, some of the toy were already on sale way before the release date and officially the price went up from the previous movie line too.


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