Sunday, May 31, 2009

#56: Star Wars Legacy Collection Captain Needa

I have a lot of troopers, but not many officers. I have Grand Admiral Thrawn, Juno Eclipse, and Grand Moff Tarkin. Now I have Captain Needa as well. This is the guy that loses the Millennium Falcon after it lands on a Star Destroyer, and is then subesquently Force choked to death by Vader. I think this is a new sculpt as previous Imperial officers have had less articulation. His legs look a little funny, but otherwise this is a good figure. Due to the way it was packaged, the end of his gun is bent downward at an angle, rendering it ineffective. It looks like the hat is a separate piece that was attached slightly off center. At the store, there were two Needas to choose from, and the other one had its eyebrows painted on in such a way that he was displaying a comical expression of surprise. I decided to go with the more serious looking one.

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