Tuesday, May 12, 2009

#50: Doctor Who Cyberman (The Tomb of the Cybermen)

"The Tomb of the Cybermen" from 1967 was one of the first Doctor Who stories I saw, and the first I saw that featured the Cybermen. It is a good story and features one of my favorite Doctors, Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor. The Cybermen featured a much more streamlined look, although I'm not sure why they had three fingers. This design features an element that I think of as wiffleballs connected by pipes along the arms and legs. Although it looks cool, that does tend to slightly restrict the movement of the arms and legs. They still bend and turn properly, but I'm not going to push them too hard for fear of eventually pulling something off.

One thing I really like about this figure (this was a big selling point for me) is that it comes with Cybermats, which are the two small objects at the Cyberman's foot in the above picture. Cybermats are basically little drones that do the Cybermen's bidding. Thanks to their big cartoony eyes, I can't help but find them oddly cute.

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