Friday, May 1, 2009

Goodbye April, hello May

I thought that April would be a particularly slow month for new toys, but thanks to some unexpected finds and some internet orders, it wasn't as slow as I was expecting. I have another order pending which should be arriving next week.

It hasn't come up yet, but it will soon, so I need to decide how to treat build a figures. Although they come in pieces rather than being sold individually, I think I will give them their own post and count them as a separate toy for my numbering. I will definitely have two build a figures this year. If I decide to buy the Jawa, then I'll have a third.

It is interesting that Playmates is putting out both of its big movie lines for this year in two scales (3 3/4" and 6"). Presumably, the idea is to get people to double dip on characters by buying them in both scales (as I did with the T-R.I.P.). I wonder how effective this will be, or if people will just stick to one scale.

Speaking of big movie lines, I wonder how much longer the Iron Man movie toys will stick around on toy shelves. It has been a year now, that is some staying power!


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  2. You are right about the Ironman. I stop buying them for quite sometime. I would label them as Re-paint even tho some of them are different Ironman but how many Ironman you need to play? Not to mention the paint job are quite sucky too.


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