Thursday, April 30, 2009

#48: G.I. Joe Roadblock

I never read any of the G.I. Joe comic books, so for me Roadblock is the guy that talked in rhyme and was blinded in the movie, leading to a sequence of him carrying around Cobra Commander, who was rapidly mutating into a giant snake. Mutant Cobra Commander would have been an awesome accessory for Roadblock. According to his card, this is Roadblock "from the G.I. Joe comic series" but he looks close enough to how I remember him in the cartoon. Roadblock wouldn't be the same without a big machine gun, and this figure definitely delivers. An ammo belt plugs into it, and also can plug into an ammo box which he can wear as a backpack. There's a tripod included, but it definitely looks more cool for him to carry around the big gun.

Currently, my G.I. Joe collection is kind of lopsided in Cobra's favor (I blame all the Cobra Commander variants), so I'm glad to pick up a Joe, especially one so heavily armed to help even the odds a little.

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