Friday, April 10, 2009

#39: X-Men Origins Wolverine Comic Series Logan

One of the cool things about Wolverine is that he doesn't really have a secret identity. When out of costume, he's just Logan, and his real identity is still just as mysterious. Okay, I know that they explained his origins in the comics a couple years ago, but whatever. These were on sale at Target, so I decided to get a Logan figure, which I had been thinking about getting already. The sale won me over.

I had been thinking of possibly getting the movie version, but the head sculpt on it looked really soft and less detailed in comparison, so I went with the comic version. Although it is the comic version, his claws appear to be coming from between his fingers like in the movie, rather than from the backs of his hands like in the comics. One of the things I really like about this figure is that I can swap its head with my other Wolverine figure, and make it an unmasked Wolverine.

Of the nine figures in the comic series from this line, five of them are some version of Wolverine. I'm not a fan of the Weapon X (which is too bad, if it had turned out better, I would have bought one) or the "Strike Mission" versions. I might get the yellow and blue costume version, though.

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