Thursday, April 23, 2009

#44: Mavel Universe black costume Spider-Man

Unlike the Punisher, who is not the biggest name in the Marvel universe, it makes sense to release another Spider-Man figure quickly in the series. Spidey is Marvel's flagship character, so I'm sure they'll be releasing various versions of him throughout the life of this line. I've always liked Spidey's black costume, so of course I picked up this figure. At first I thought it was a reuse of the Silver Surfer's body, but the Surfer's muscles are more cleanly defined. Spidey is definitely in good shape, but his costume softens his musculature. Speaking of his costume, according to the back of the card this is the cloth version of it, not the symbiote. This makes me wonder why the webbing accessory he comes with (the same one as the original Spidey) is black. Sure, it matches the costume, but I don't think his webbing was ever black, even while using the symbiote. I guess it's just an aesthetic choice. I don't really care too much for the accessory anyway, so no big deal.


  1. I like this one - I'll probably pass on the regular MU spidey and get this one in his stead.


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