Thursday, April 23, 2009

#45: Star Trek Spock

Throughout my life I have basically been indifferent to Star Trek. I have vague memories of seeing Wrath of Khan on TV when I was very young, and there being a Spock doll of some sort around the house (I'm not sure if it was mine, but I am pretty sure neither of my parents were into Star Trek). Despite my lifelong apathy, I am looking forward to seeing the upcoming movie. I suppose J.J. Abrams and some nice trailers are to thank for that.

In general, the Star Trek line seems to have problems. I don't think the likenesses on the faces are very good. The sculpt of the body seems a little off, and it is used for almost all of the figures. I think Spock here has the best likeness, which is part of why I got him. The rest is that hey, he's Spock. And since I have no interest in buying the Heroes figures, it's also Sylar. It's too bad Scotty doesn't really look like Simon Pegg.

Anyway, one of the cool things is that he comes with a good amount of accessories. He has a Vulcan greeting hand, which can be switched with a hand to hold his phaser. Said phaser can be holstered in his belt, which is removable. He also comes with a chair and some sort of computer console. The idea here is that you can buy a bridge playset which is devoid of furniture. Then you buy all the figures, which come with pieces of the bridge's furniture and computers or whatever to fill it up. I can see whey they would go with this idea, but a lot of people seem to not like it. Like the Terminator line (they're both made by Playmates), these figures are cheaper than others in the same scale, which is good to see. I really doubt I'll be getting any more Star Trek figures, though.

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  1. I share your sentiment. This Spock look more of sylar than the Heroes toys from mezzo. Since it is cheaper, there no reason what is stopping me from buying. :D


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