Thursday, April 9, 2009

#38: X-Men Origins Wolverine Comic Series Gambit

When I think of the X-Men, I think of them as they were in the early 90s. This is the period of their Saturday morning cartoon on Fox, and the blue and gold teams in the comics. Basically, the Jim Lee X-Men. Gambit was one of the prominent characters at the time, so I dig him. Since the Marvel Universe line so far is not prominently featuring mutants, the Wolverine movie line is getting some of the mutant characters. Since Gambit appears in the movie, he gets a figure, in his comic style. Although his staff was bent by the packaging, and his ankles and wrists are unarticulated, this is all you could hope for from this Cajun. He even comes with some playing cards charged with kinetic energy.

I always wondered about Gambit's costume. It's a very comic book looking outfit, but covered up by a long overcoat. Is that what he wore in his Thieves' Guild days? And what's up with his eyes? That's probably Mr Sinister's fault.

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