Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#42: Terminator Salvation T-R.I.P.

If there's one thing I can appreciate, it is a story about homicidal robots. Clearly, Terminator is right up my alley. I am really looking forward to Terminator Salvation, so of course I want some little Terminators to add to my collection. This is the T-R.I.P. (resistance infiltrator prototype). Apparently it's a prototype of the T-800 model we all know and love, the one the Governator played in the first three movies.

First, I am going to complain. The packaging is particularly unattractive, with a purple and orange color scheme. On the back it spells John Connor two different ways. I don't keep the packaging, so that's not really a big deal. The box also claims that it comes with a "high tech rifle" but neither of the included guns is a rifle. They show it on the back of the box, but it's not there. This is kind of nit picking, but I think the sculpt of the jawline looks kind of wonky.

Other than all that, I rather like this figure. Jaw aside, it looks really good. I might have to do a little army building with these. Another cool thing is that this line is running about a dollar or so cheaper than other 3 and 3/4 inch lines out there, which is a nice respite.

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