Thursday, April 16, 2009

#40: Star Wars Original Trilogy Collection Princess Leia Organa

As the main female character from the classic trilogy, Princess Leia hasn't shown up very often as a single carded figure very often lately. She has shown up in a few different comic packs recently, but none of them have been the Leia as she first appears, in the white dress and iconic bun hairstyle. For a while, I have been wanting to get a modern take on this version of the character, since I don't have any other Leia figures at all. After looking around at various versions, I decided that this was the best take on it. Since it was in stores in 2004, right before my current phase of toy collecting got started, eBay was the best way for me to go.

I like this figure. The facial likeness isn't the best, but at this scale, it rarely is great. Still, it could be worse. Another problem I have is that this figure has swivel elbows. It's interesting that at the time, these were considered "premium" figures and yet they still only had swivel elbows. These days, we usually only get those on figures that are based on older molds are are part of a set, so they go with that style of articulation to reduce costs. Now that I have bought this figure, I am expecting Hasbro to announce that they will be releasing a new sculpt of this version of Leia any day now. Until they do upgrade this figure, I'm glad to have it. Han and Chewie were getting kind of lonely on the Falcon.


  1. Oh why did I hit the link?!? Monkey Face Leia!

    I liked the ideal of these VOTC figures, yet the new release of Ben seems far better, I keep holding out that they will release a really good Leia, but I agree this may be the best example to date.

  2. I had to borrow my Sisters Leia for my 101 ways to die on the Falcon bit. Its funny how rare they have made her, and when they do they skip jointing and better detail. I Hope the new one comes out soon!

  3. It looks like the upcoming Empire version of Leia is the same as my Leia, but with proper elbow articulation. Maybe I'll buy that and swap their heads.

    @Chunky: The new version of Ben is way better than the VOTC version!


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