Tuesday, April 21, 2009

#41: Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock

Well, this is it. The most expensive toy I have ever bought. After I got my tax refund, I decided to use part of it to help stimulate the economy. This is also my first dabbling in a toy imported from Japan. This is also my first Masterpiece Transformer. Sort of. I have Hasbro's DVD 20th Anniversary version of Optimus.Back when I was a kid, Grimlock was the only Dinobot I had. He's the leader of the Dinobots, and he turns into a T Rex, so he has always been my favorite.

This version of Grimlock is really cool. They updated the original toy beautifully. It's bigger, has better articulation, and the robot mode works a lot better than the original's. He also comes with a bunch of neat accessories. Part of the reason I went for the Japanese version instead of waiting for a possible domestic release from Hasbro was the accessories. When I saw pictures of Grimlock in a bow tie and apron, holding a tray of drinks, I knew I would have to get the Japanese release. That's how I'm going to keep him displayed.

He also has a few other accessories and gimmicks. He has a couple weapons, his eyes can change color, wagging his tail moves his head, etc. I love how much more expressive his T Rex mode arms are now that they have more articulation. Overall, this is a really cool toy. He's expensive, but I think he was worth it.


  1. Nice score! If you like to have more accessories for Grimlock, there are 3 more from igear. I blog about it at my blog.

  2. I saw that. I do like the crown, but I think I will pass on the set. Thanks for the link!


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