Saturday, May 16, 2009

#54: Doctor Who The Fourth Doctor

Until recently, if you mentioned Doctor Who, the average person probably thought of Tom Baker. He was the longest running Doctor and continues to be one of, if not the most, popular actors to play the part. His outfit has certainly been the most iconic, featuring a ridiculously long multi-colored scarf. Consequently, he has been hard to find available for a decent price. When I found one being offered for an acceptable price, I took the opportunity to buy it.

This is a really well done figure of the Fourth Doctor, I can't think of any major improvements that could be made. A large part of what I like so much about this figure is the manic grin that he was sculpted with. Something about it just screams Tom Baker for me. He includes an alternate head which isn't wearing the hat, but is sporting a more serious expression, and comes with a piece of the killer robot from his first appearance. He also comes with his trademark Sonic Screwdriver (which my other Doctor figure is lacking). His scarf is also removable, so any other figure it will fit on can dress up.

Now that I've got two Doctors, I'm contemplating getting a whole set, assuming they make all ten (soon to be eleven).

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