Monday, June 22, 2009

#63: Star Wars Legacy Collection Captain Typho

Because this is Star Wars, eventually every character that was shown on screen will probably eventually get a figure. I'm sure Captain Typho has had a figure before since despite not being very useful he had some lines. He doesn't have the best danger instincts for a bodyguard: right after he comments on the safe trip to Coruscant, the Senator's ship is blown up. Good thing they were still using the decoy strategy.

Captain Typho may not be the most exciting figure, but Hasbro did a good job and made a surprisingly cool figure for him. He has a fairly distinctive look (metal eyepatch!), and he is articulated as well as any other figure in the line. The commlink and the blaster that are hanging off his side are both detachable, and his hat is removable. Accessories are always cool, but if the figure can't hold them, then they seem like a waste of plastic, which is why I like it when they can be stowed on the figure itself like this.

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