Friday, June 5, 2009

It's June!

At last we arrive at June. Do you know what that means? It means my birthday is in a few weeks.
Aside from that, it means that it is time to resume my Crystal Skeleton Watch. Back in April, I received a postcard informing me that the crystal skeletons would start shipping on June 10th. Assuming that things go on time, I may have my crystal skeleton sometime next week. Finally!

Now that the Revenge of the Fallen toys are out, I need to get over to Target so I can pick up a Ransack. Or if I'm feeling lazy, maybe I can find one at Rite Aid, for double the price.

I haven't seen any pictures of it, but Playmates will be releasing a Harvester as part of their Terminator Salvation line. It's going to be 16 inches high and in scale with the 3.75" line. This is a toy that is definitely tempting me. It's a giant, killer robot that's in scale with a lot of my toys, so it's pressing my buttons. I'm not sure if it will ever hit stores, or if I'll have to order online, though. I'm guessing the TS line doesn't have enough legs to last in stores too much longer. We'll see!

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