Saturday, June 27, 2009

#69: DC Universe Infinite Heroes Wonder Girl, Bizarro, and Supergirl

Up until this point, I have not been buying any of the DC Universe Infinite Heroes largely because I think the sculpts are not that great, and they are lacking in articulation. But when I found this set for seven dollars, I figured that was a good enough deal to get one of my favorite DC characters, Bizarro. Also included are two stands. Fortunately, none of these figures need a stand, so there's no worry about only being able to have two at a time standing up.

I really couldn't care less about having Wonder Girl or Supergirl (although this is my second Supergirl, my first also came with a Bizarro). They both look scrawny and have frighteningly thin waists, but I suppose that is in line with how comic book women are drawn. They both have these weird swivel hip joints that I haven't seen in any recent action figures. It's enough articulation that I can balance them to stand on their tiny feet, at least. It seems to be standard for this line that the women are lacking elbow articulation, which is in addition to the standard lack of wrist or ankle articulation. Their six inch cousins are so well articulated that it is disappointing the level of articulation this line has.

Like I said, Bizarro is the real reason I got this set. He suffers from the weird proportions of this line (look at those giant hands!), but since it is Bizarro, being ill proportioned isn't too big of a problem. Also, his face his a sort of quizzical lost expression that I think was meant to be something a little more fierce. It would be cool if he had the "Bizarro #1" necklace, but I guess I can learn to live without it (at least until they do a re-release with one). Aside from that, hey, it's still Bizarro, so I'm glad I got him. Until next time, hello!

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