Sunday, June 28, 2009

#70: DC Universe Infinite Heroes Batman

All of the DC figures that I have bought so far (aside from Bizarro) are all part of the Batman area of the DC universe. So mostly I have members of Batman's rogues gallery and Batman himself. So if I'm going to get any of these Infinite Heroes figures, I have to get Batman as well. Like a lot of other figures in this line, he suffers from giant hand syndrome as well as not having enough articulation for my tastes. Would it kill Mattel to throw in some accessories? Batman should have a batarang, at least. It is some consolation that I only paid 3 dollars for him. Aside from that, he has problems standing. Fortunately the stands from the Bizarro set save the day. Otherwise, it's a decent figure. It's hard to tell from the picture but his boots, gloves, cape, and cowl are all dark blue rather than black. Until they start giving these figures more articulation, this will be the last Infinite Heroes figure I buy.

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