Monday, June 14, 2010

#49: Star Wars Legacy Collection Dark Trooper Phase I

It's here, the end of the Legacy Collection! The final wave is composed of expanded universe characters, and is sure to be popular with collectors. So of course, it is very hard to find. Last year, when the Legacy Collection transitioned out of the Stromtrooper helmet cardbacks to the current look, the final wave (with fan favorite HK-47) was hard to find, and so I pre-ordered it from an internet shop. This year was even more unkind to the final wave, being produced in even smaller numbers, so that it was exclusive to Toys R Us and web retailers. I wanted to get all of the figures in this wave, and the build a droid is pretty cool too, so I pre-ordered a case from Entertainment Earth.

The first figure from the wave is the Phase I Dark Trooper from the classic game Dark Forces. While not as imposing as the final Dark Trooper design, the Phase I is pretty tall, about the same height as a Wookiee figure. Its skeletal frame, combined with the exposed piping (or hosing) definitely gives it the look of something that's not quite finished. So basically, it looks really cool. I think it could give any Separatist battle droid a run for its money in a fight. The vibrosword and shield are both removable, in case you want it to fight hand to hand. Of course, it has all the articulation that is the standard for Star Wars figures. Aside from very dark red eyes, it's only two colors, and overall it's a cool look. It's always nice to get a completely new figure, and when it comes out this well on the first attempt, that is another bonus. This figure is really cool, and it's too bad that it's so hard to find. If you have a Kyle Katarn figure, this will give it another enemy to fight.

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